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Category: Themed Packages


Covers digestion and enzymes through interactive animations and experiments.

Price: 40.00

Energy and Energy Transfer

Develops ideas about energy by looking at saving energy in the home, experiments and animations.

Price: 40.00

Evolution and Natural Selection

Resources to address this scientific theory. Includes detailed creature simulation.

Price: 40.00

Formulae and Equations

Develops skills in writing and understanding chemical formulae and equations.

Price: 25.00


Underlines the important reactions and uses of limestone. Superb resource for bringing this dry topic to life.

Price: 30.00

Producing Electricity

Electromagnetic induction through to generators and motors. An excellent resource for this difficult topic.

Price: 50.00

Types of Chemical Reaction

Includes corrosion, neutralisation, displacement, electrolysis, redox and precipitation.

Price: 40.00

Science Themed Packages

All seven of the themed packages.
Superb value for money purchasing this way saves 65

Price: 200.00 school licence
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