75 chapters cover the complete breadth of 14-16 Science.

Each chapter contains a mindmap to complete (and expand upon) and summary of the key learning points with helpful and supporting illustrations and diagrams. Chapters can be tackled in any order with the user dipping into content as needed. Each chapter can be used for teaching and learning, pre- or post-assessment opportunities, and of course revision.

The guide is particularly relevant for anyone studying any GCSE, iGCSE Science course, Scottish Standard Grade Science or equivalent.

The physical media version also includes bonus easy-print (black and white) versions of the mindmaps.

Benefits - Why should I buy 14-16 Science Student Companion?

  • New approach to accessing learning content.
  • Opportunity for students to assess their own knowledge using mindmaps and fill in missing gaps using the straightforward summaries.
  • Superb for revision.
  • Pages in the guide can be copied by the purchaser and in the case of the teacher for use with appropriate students.

Guided learning hours

  • At least one hour per chapter.

Principle age range

  • 14-16.

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The full book is printed on high quality paper in a spiral bound book for ease of photocopying.


75 chapters covering the full range of biology, chemistry and physics topics at 14-16 level:
  • Biology based sections:
    • Cells and Life
    • Humans
    • Plants
    • Variation, Genetics and Evolution
    • Ecology
  • Chemistry based sections:
    • Chemistry Basics
    • Particles and Reactions
    • Dynamic Earth
    • The Periodic Table
    • Acids
  • Physics based sections:
    • Electricity
    • Force
    • Energy and Fuel
    • Waves and Radioactivity
    • Space

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