Trying to improve your KS4 Science grades with weaker students?

Teaching OCR National but finding resources difficult to find?

The OCR National Level 2 Basic Route Keys provide a 'no frills' approach to helping your students achieve Pass grading.

These 'Basic Route' resources have been developed in close conjunction with OCR. They support units 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Benefits - Why should I buy the OCR National Basic Route Keys?

  • Written for and aimed at specific students - those attempting to achieve a Pass grade in this course.
  • Suggests a scheme of work (learning materials with tasks) for the OCR National Level 2 in Science that has been written in conjunction with the Senior Moderator. Our approach to each assessment objective provides confidence in delivering appropriate material to the right standard - in this case students aiming for a Pass grade.
  • Develops independent learning through preparation for and carrying out assessment tasks.
  • Supports weaker students with poor attendance.
  • Helps to develop a cohesive approach to 14-16 Science across your department.
  • Can be linked to your own school VLE.
  • Cost effective - purchase just the sections you need, the full OCR National course Basic route, mandatory units or optional units in conjunction with these.

Further details can be viewed at under the OCR Keys tab.
Sample content available. This can downloaded via the ClickScience website.


  • Memory stick

Guided learning hours

  • Approximately 2-3 hours per assessment objective - this does vary from unit to unit.

Principle age range

  • 14-16 (KS4)

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Each 'no frills' Basic Route unit provides:

  • A contextualised scheme of work designed to lead you through each assessment objective.
  • Materials designed and created in close conjunction with the Chief Moderator for this course.
  • Checklist, grading sheet and scenario (where appropriate).
  • Learning materials provided as Word documents, spreadsheets or PowerPoint's to cover the Pass grade content.
  • Clear tasks to be completed as part of building a student portfolio of work.

Product Code Basic Route Course Cost
OCR/1211 Units 1, 2 & 11 £300
OCR/34 Units 3 & 4 £200
OCR/7 Unit 7 £100
OCR/8 Unit 8 £100
OCR/9 Unit 9 £100
OCR/10 Unit 10 £100

  • Microsoft Office 2000 and above.