There is a great danger in the present day lest science-teaching should degenerate into the accumulation of disconnected facts and unexplained formulae, which burden the memory without cultivating the understanding.

The two big questions in secondary school science:

  • What is the simplest, most effective way of raising grades in Science?
  • What is the simplest, most effective way of developing an interest in Science?

For many teachers the answer to both questions is one that relates to such issues as improving student motivation and enthusiasm by presenting science in a continuously lively multi-sensory manner.

Unfortunately such an approach can be very time consuming for teachers. And that is why we have developed Clickscience.

ClickScience improves student motivation and independent learning skills, helping to boost student performance in Science.

ClickScience provides comprehensive pre-built schemes of work for GCSE Core, Additional and Separate Sciences plus assessment tools to build your own pages and lessons and e-portfolio. It's your own bespoke science VLE.

The platform leads you through the OCR National Level 2 in Science with content and assessment task ideas provided in context. It also allows you to edit and adapt lessons to best fit the learning needs of your students and develops a cohesive approach to 14-16 Science across your department.

ClickScience is provided as an online resource via your web browser.

It is suitable for

  • All Entry level/GCSE/OCR National Level 2 Science lessons
  • Approximately 90-120 guided learning hours per GCSE course.

Principle age range

  • 14-16 (KS4)
"I don't think it's any coincidence that since the introduction of ClickScience, our results have risen from 42% to 60% A*-C which takes us 10% above the national average."
Wodensborough Community Technology College, Wednesbury



The full ClickScience product contains:

  • 1500+ pages incorporating video, photographs, animations, interactivities, simulations, assessment, mindmaps and support documents.
  • 1000+ Flash based movies / animations. Each accompanied by a question set or comprehension activity.
  • 260+ experiments.
  • Teachers and technicians notes to support every experiment listing equipment, method, risk assessment and good practice (what should happen, sample data or results, extension ideas, links to other related work). Vital for covering new experiments and great for reviewing the old faithfuls as well.
  • 150+ automatically marked drag and drop exercises.
  • 30+ interactive worksheets (automatically marked).
  • 2000+ automatically marked multiple-choice questions.
  • 50+ editions of Global Science News.
  • 45+ hyperlinked mindmaps and topic summaries on key areas of learning in the science curriculum.
  • Page and lesson building tools - allows you to edit published content or build your own. (Please note the Flash content cannot be edited.)
  • Multiple choice quiz builder tool and score reviewer.
  • File upload and storage facility.
  • File send facility; send files to individual students or whole classes at once.
  • Links to favourite pages and lessons.
  • Searchable content.
  • Schemes of work written by experienced teachers. Each scheme includes lessons (with suggested route, teaching materials, worksheets etc) and technicians notes.

Prices start from only £35 per annum for a single topic.

Full ClickScience subscription, costing £495 per annum, includes our 14-16 Science course,
OCR National Level 2 in Science & all the schemes for the 2006 GCSE Science courses.

Please click here for our complete pricing structure.

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