Develop Citizenship skills by running a Mock Trial event. Pack includes teaching notes and a comprehensive Resources Pack to help you set up and run an informative and fun event with up to 250 students.

Student aptitude is assessed by taking a simple quiz which suggests which group they are best suited to: defence, prosecution, forensic science team, witnesses, court officials, youth offending team or press.

Activities are suggested for each group with particular focus on the witnesses (spot the difference, video observation, E-FIT) and forensic science team (ideas for experiments/investigations with good practice and technician notes).

Benefits - Why should I buy Guilty or Not Guilty?

  • Flexible approach based on a tried and tested event run with 300 students each year at CTC Kingshurst Academy.
  • Superb Resources Pack and Teaching Notes to aid preparation, outline the case and support student progress.
  • Promotes active Citizenship.
  • Boosts understanding of legal and trial proceedings.
  • Includes tested ideas for experiments.
  • Can be linked to your school VLE.
  • Value for money - the E-FIT can be purchased separately.

Guided learning hours

  • 4-7 hours

Principle age range

  • 12-15 - works particularly well with Year 9 students



The full pack contains:
  • Aptitude assessment quiz
  • Spot the Difference game (with 3 levels)
  • Video observation (with 3 levels)
  • E-FIT
  • Resources Pack. Includes:
    • Background notes for the crime such as a location map, statements and notes on the witnesses and defendants
    • How to use the assessment quiz
    • Witness statement writing frame
    • Differences between youth and magistrates courts
    • Ideas and good practice notes for forensic investigation of evidence
    • Witness group activity notes
    • Evaluation worksheet
  • Teaching Notes. Includes:
    • Making the most of the day
    • Setting up the specialist activities
    • Simple plan of the actual event with suggested timings etc
    • Team overview information sheets

Guilty or Not Guilty? Full product: £80
Guilty or Not Guilty? E-FIT only (Who's that? Photofit Creator): £40
USB key: £9.95

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  • Adobe Flash player 9 or above.
  • Desktop version runs as a standalone application. Requires Windows or Mac OS.