'What happened at the crime scene?'

'How can you analyse the evidence?'

'Who committed the murder?'

'How will you prepare to be an expert witness?'

This two-part pack offers students the opportunity to develop forensic science investigative skills that they then apply to a crime scene. The crime scene includes multimedia game play as well as laboratory experiments. Students collect evidence and decide how to best carry out their analysis; they are encouraged to work independently having already built up a case folder of knowledge and experiments that they can refer to.

Teaching Notes and a Resources Pack provide plenty of support and guidance. There are good practice and technicians' notes for experiments and ideas for creating your own mock crime scene in support of the activity.

This resource has been developed by experienced teachers in conjunction with forensic science practitioners.

Benefits - Why should I buy Solving Crime 176?

  • Engages and motivates student in their science studies. Can help raise grades and boost academic performance.
  • Flexible approach based on tried and tested practice.
  • Superb Resources Pack and Teaching Notes to aid preparation and guide you through the activity.
  • Can be linked to your school VLE.
  • Value for money.

Guided learning hours

  • 10-15 hours

Principle age range

  • 14-16

Ideal for

  • 14-16 Science forensic science units including OCR National and BTEC Diploma
  • Science activity days
  • Science clubs



Resources Pack
  • Detailed supporting notes and worksheets that can be copied for use with students
  • Teacher's and technician's notes for all experiments
Part 1: SOCO Training includes:
  • Detailed 'Teaching Notes' with commentary and suggested route through activities
  • Blank 'Case Folder' for students to complete for later reference
  • Multimedia presentations / activities relating to:
    • Crime Scene Photography
    • Collection and Storage of Forensic Evidence
    • Fingerprint Evidence Collection and Fingerprint Analysis
    • Derby Day Disaster
    • Video Experiments testing for food groups
    • Experiments learning how to carry out chemical tests for anions and cations, flame tests for cations, detect alcohol in blood, carry out a thin layer chromatography of inks, set up a light microscope and analyse hair samples
  • Supporting worksheets
Part 2: Solving Crime 176 Game play includes:
  • Detailed 'Teaching Notes' with commentary and suggested route through activities
  • Multimedia game play

Full package including e-version of the Resources Pack: £100
Additional printed version of the Resources Pack: £24.95 (price includes P&P)
Physical media: £9.95

Available as a download through our store here. Alternatively you can fax or post the order form. This is available to download here.

  • Supports all major web browsers.
  • If uploaded to your VLE, requires Adobe Flash player 9 and above.
  • Desktop version runs as a standalone application. Requires Windows or Mac OS.