"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." - Henry J Tillman

Looking for topic based approaches to Science teaching?

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The range of science themed packs provides innovative and flexible teaching resources comprising Flash-based animations, teaching tools, worksheets and assessments. All are supported by extensive teaching notes.

Benefits - Why should I buy a themed package?

  • Engages and motivates students through well presented, humorous and easy to understand materials.
  • Helps you to develop a teaching approach towards some of the more challenging or drier science topics such as electricity, energy, evolution, formulae and limestone.
  • Includes tried and tested practical science ideas.
  • Promotes revision of topics to boost student understanding and examination performance.
  • Excellent value for money (bundle packs available).
  • Can be linked to your own school VLE.

Guided learning hours

  • Approximately 5-12 hours dependent on the package - see pricing tab for more information.

Principle age range

  • 14 - 16 (KS4)

Available Themes

Types of Chemical Reaction - Neutralise boredom and precipitate better understanding of different types of reaction through animations, interaction and tried and tested experiments.

Digestion - Get to the bottom of this interesting topic using animations, photographs and experiments. These outstanding materials allow students to explore the digestive system and enzymes in detail.

Producing Electricity - Generate interest in this difficult topic through simple yet exciting and effective experiments, video and animations. The hands-on approach broadens understanding and helps students apply their knowledge.

Energy and Energy Transfer - Re-energise this topic and develop the potential of KS3 learning. Study energy and energy transfer in the context of keeping yourself and your home warm or cold.

Formulae and Equations - Aims to help students develop a skill that will underpin their learning of chemistry and chemical reactions. The pack is specifically designed to aid average students in building confidence working with symbols and formulae as well as describing reactions through word and symbol equations.

Evolution and Natural Selection - Don't be a Dodo; learn about the theory of, and evidence for, evolution; look at the effect of mutations and consider factors that lead to extinction. Learning and understanding is put to the test through discussion and a highly engrossing simulation activity.

Limestone - Cement student learning of this sometimes dull topic by getting to grips with how important limestone is as a raw material. Promote understanding through experiments and visual learning tools/stories - Colin the Camel and Lima the Lime are a sure-fire way to get students to remember limestone reactions!

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All themed packages contain:

  • A suggested learning sequence with detailed accompanying notes/commentary. These have been written by experienced teachers.
  • Teachers and technicians notes to support any experiments. These list equipment, method, risk assessment and good practice (what should happen, sample data or results, extension ideas, links to other related work). Vital for covering new experiments and great for reviewing the old faithfuls as well.
  • Questions sets/comprehension activities for each main movie - answers are included in the teachers notes.
  • Student worksheets to help develop and test understanding and skills.


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Product CodeThemed Package Guided learning hours Cost (school licence) Saving
TP/CHEM Types of Chemical Reactions 8-10 hours £40
TP/DIG Digestion 8-10 hours £40
TP/ELEC Producing Electricity 10-12 hours £50
TP/ENG Energy and Energy Transfer 8-10 hours £40
TP/EQU Formulae and Equations 5-7 hours £25
TP/EVO Evolution and Natural Selection 8-10 hours £40
TP/LIM Limestone 6-8 hours £30
TP/FULL All seven of the above themed packages in one bundle 53-67 hours £200 £65

Available as downloads through our store here.

  • Supports all major web browsers.
  • If uploaded to your VLE, requires Adobe Flash player 9 and above.
  • Desktop version runs as a standalone application. Requires Windows or Mac OS.